How To Use This Site

You may have noticed that the site looks a little different. Well, yay, you! because the site is different!

Here are a few new features:

  • In a post, if a word looks like this, then it is a link to somewhere else. The link is related to the post and saves a lot of time (from explaining) for me when writing.
  • On the right, are my favorite Twitter tweets. I usually quote these from time to time, so feel free to find some funny ones that could become your favorites
New Pages Include
  • Home: This is the home page
  • The Editor: This tells my followers about me and how to contact me
  • BA: JBreezy: This gives info about one of the new blog authors: Jebril R. (Updated: 2/13/11)
  • BA: Mulatto: Find out whatever you want about new blog author: Margie M. (Updated: 2/19/11)
*Updated* 2/13/2011
Different Types of Posts Are
  • Journal Of A Junior: I break the cardinal rule of blogging here-- I write about myself in super long format. Call me self-centered, but this was my original blog format, and I couldn't get rid of everything. So, yes, I still do posts like thisthis, and oh especially this! because the Journal Of A Junior only pertain to school-related activities for juniors, and this is a student blog.
  • Journal Of A Junior, Jr. : These posts are similar to Journal Of A Junior, except they're shorter and less self-centered. I just started do these, but I really hope you like it.
  • _____: Anything else on this blog goes along with perspective. If it doesn't fall under one of the previous two categories, it's either : a) an announcement/contest or b) a random post that either relates to everyone/specific event or tries to make you think
  • Journals Of Juniors: Same as Journal Of Junior, like exactly the same! Except instead of  being all about me, there are other blog others who blog about their experience as juniors. You can learn more about these juniors from their pages!
That's really all you need to know about Monty's Mayhem