The Editor

Hey...I'm Ash M. Monty. I prefer Ash or Monty. Doesn't matter.  But anywho, I started this blog when I transferred schools in the 10th grade "Tales Of A Tenth Grade Transfer". Then I did a blog series titled, "Journal Of A Junior" and "Something Of A Summer". After that, I blogged a series called "Surviving Senioritis." as well as "Pre Frosh Fresh", "Just Froshy","what to do", and on the wordpress site of the same name, "Summer After Sophomore." (See Blog Archive for posts) I'm currently in my junior year of college and working on "Journal of a Junior Pt.2."

I guess that's all you need to know about this little blogger!

Well, unless you want to contact me. I get asked questions "Like why are you doing this?" "Is Sparknotes really that funny?" and "Do you only drink Coca-Cola since you're from Georgia?"

You can comment on here, but it's pretty difficult for me to reply back if you ask a question. So feel free to e-mail me at amonty106 at gmail dot com or shoot a message to my tumblr blog montysmayhem.

I usually respond back because when I'm not doing homework or chores I am a) sleeping, b) studying, c) filling out applications, or d) reading fanfiction. Yes, I do boring things.

[Insert CleverPhraseHere],

Ash M. Monty

P.S. Feel free to follow the blog! C'mon, it doesn't hurt!